Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Cabinet Knobs Not So Safe

Those simple knobs on cabinet doors can be a real hazard. Innocuous little rounds, they're easy to grab with no sharp edges or places to catch fingers. However, those little devils can catch a lot of other things – things that could bring small appliances crashing to the floor, or worse yet – cause a major snag for humans."

They catch on electrical cords, including blow dryers and curling irons.
They catch on robe sleeves and even reach out to snag the inside of a shirt placket.

Think about children racing around the kitchen or bath area. Or senior adults pass by and catching a loose sleeve. Dangers lurk in odd places.

Enclosed handle styles are actually a safe choice and an inexpensive way to add a new measure of safety in the home. They may be a bit more difficult for arthritic hands, but they won't be the cause of burns from a hot curling iron, either.

Simple fully enclosed cabinet handles – not knobs or bar styles – are best.

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