Sunday, March 07, 2010

Bottled Water - Read the Fine Print

If you're buying bottled water, it pays to check the fine print. While you may think you're getting a deliciously refreshing product from the cool clear springs of Colorado or points beyond, you might actually be getting a plain old city product. While it's wise to look for salt additives, the source can matter, too. A recent purchase of a generic brand gallon of water made it home before checking the label. It was a re-bottling of the city stuff straight from Fort Worth, Texas.

So, now the Handy Imp has just paid to drink someone else's tap water.

When tap water has a noticeable taste, many experts recommend filtering. This can even be a healthier alternative to some bottled waters. If your fridge has front panel access and a filtering device, you can achieve this without bulky add-ons. You'll notice the taste is cleaner and it's certainly an economical alternative to purchasing bottled water.