Sunday, September 20, 2009

Turn designer pillows into decorative storage

Linens, extra blankets, quilts - they're all bulky and tend to take up way too much closet space. Here's a nifty way to free up valuable real estate on closet shelves. If you love the layered look of designer pillows on your bed, turn them into extra storage. Just stash all those extra bed covers inside the cases. This eliminates the need to purchase custom pillows to fit those oddball square "Euros" that are so pretty leaning against the wall or a headboard.

You can do the same for the next layer, which would be the standard, queen or king pillow shams. Even if linens don't fill the space completely, then you can just let the ends drape across each other in the center of the bed. So, what to do if you need all those coverings when cold weather arrives? Just let your layering thin out a bit. Try to leave at least one blanket of some sort inside and you'll have the same effect without the bulk. You can also place those out-of-season clothes in an old pillowcase and place them inside. Just as pretty and no one will know you've discovered a new stashing place for bulky items or clothing.