Sunday, March 29, 2009

Get Hung Up on Outdoor Blinds

If you have south-facing windows, you know how hard it is to keep the house cool in summer. Your air conditioning system probably works overtime to provide a little more relief. Keeping drapes and blinds closed is a help, but you still have walls and windows heating up from Old Sol.

Outdoor blinds are available on the market that can help with energy costs. They'll hang over standard windows on outside frames to beat back those UV rays. That means window glass stays cooler and that leads to reduced heat conduction inside. They come in neutral colors that won't be an eyesore and you can just roll them and leave them out all year long. Even better, if you feel like a fresh breeze, they're breathable so you can raise a window with heading outdoors to raise your blinds. Very nifty.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Your H&R Tax Cut Disk is in the Mail - for a $$$$$ Price

Actually, you may get more than one nicely packaged disk. It's even the Premium version! With free federal e-file! Sounds like its free all of a sudden, doesn't it?

Here's the kicker - you slide that little disk into the drive and up pops the pay me first window. Yep, they're asking for a whopping $34.95 and that's just for federal only. Now, that doesn't sound so bad until you start shopping around.

As low as $19.99 (federal only)
As low as $24.99 (federal and state)

Granted, this program is easy to use and walks you through every step. (OK, mostly easy to use with limited confusion.) Guess you can't blame H&R Block for trying to make a little extra on the side, huh?