Sunday, February 15, 2009

Epoxy Pebble Driveways a Slippery Slope

You've seen beautiful pebble walkways and driveways around town or even at resorts. The small stones provide an abundance of nature's colors and, in truth, they can cover many of the ills of ugly concrete. Epoxy itself is practically impervious to anything you can dish out, especially a continuously wet environment (as in around pools). Of course, what's underneath will affect any potential for cracking and crevice development. Just like any other job, it's critical to check out the contractor and the business.

With that said, you may want to think twice about using epoxy gravel. On a sloped surface, when it rains, this layer can become very slippery. You don't need much of a grade to slip around, either. Business owners and sales reps will tell you the small size of the pebbles keep it from becoming slippery, but it'd be best if you could make that determination yourself - before installation.

Bottom line - the Handy Imp recommends looking for styles that are ADA and OSHA compliant. Then, try them out after a good rain.