Sunday, November 09, 2008

Winter Germ Patrol

That time of year is approaching when it's best to pay more attention to germs. You come home from work, school, or the store covered in all sorts of little nasties that can spread illness like wildfire. Yeah - just think about the grocery clerk who was wiping her nose. Just more things to worry about.

The Handy Imp's first line of defense is alcohol wipes. Keep them in vehicles, purses, backpacks and pockets. Use them - on hands and on the steering wheel. This will leave some of those bad guys behind. Once you're home, wash hands immediately, using the two-minute rule. Be liberal with the disinfectant spray, too. Attack those doorknobs, phones and computer gear, including mouse and keyboard. Now that you're on a roll, you'll find other things to wipe down, won't you?

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Greenery can Cheer in Dark Spaces

As days are getting shorter, you may think be thinking of ways to cheer up indoors spaces. Even in summer, some areas of the home may never see much sunshine. Plants can certainly add a cheerful presence and some varieties will thrive with only a little light - or no sun at all.

Here's a short list of low-light plants that should thrive in a dim environment.

-cast iron plant
-Christmas cactus
-mother-in-law's tongue
-peace lily

Of all these, the cast iron plant may be the hardiest when it comes to dark spaces. Airferns can also survive, but could use a dose of diffused sunlight once a week before returning to their hideouts.

See? Green thumbs can grow in the dark!