Sunday, August 24, 2008

Binder Clips Bust Out of the Office

Perhaps this is not up there with the billion ways to use vinegar, but binder clips have tons of uses outside of keeping papers together. You can get them in small, medium, large, and jumbo. The Handy Imp even has one gigantic clip that's holding a complete manuscript together. Don't get your hand caught in one of those - they're like bear traps.

As you know, binder clips are practically indestructible - and cheap, too. So, now it's time to get them out of the office and into the kitchen and bathroom. They're absolutely perfect for keeping things closed, from chips and crackers to rice bags. They freeze well, too, so all your bagged veggies can stay closed.

Now, isn't that better than those fancy plastic kitchen clips with cute words that eventually break?

Oh, in the bathroom, binder clips are terrific for those rolled up toothpaste tubes. I'm sure you'll find tons of other things that need closing now.

They do come in colors and someone even thought to add dots and scribbly patterns. Plain black will do just fine.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Protect Thy Hands in Tight Spots

Making repairs in tight spots is not always easy. You run the risk of ripping through skin on the backsides of hands, which can be very painful. Glovers are bulky, especially for smaller female hands, and you do need the touch and feel of fingertips.

This is a very simple solution that lets you maneuver while protecting tender skin. Purchase a pair or two of cheap work gloves and cut off the fingertips. You can get them in all cloth or get a pair with rubber palm grips for even greater control.

Cutoff gloves are also a great idea for seniors who do their own repairs. As folks age, skin on the hands tends to become thinner and more susceptible to bumps and scrapes.