Sunday, April 27, 2008

Garage Storage Ideas - the Last Frontier

Garages always seem to be a little cluttered with small stuff that just won't fit anywhere. Even neatniks who have built cabinets and shelving will eventually run out of space.

There may be one last place that's underutilized - interior doors in the garage. These areas may have room for a little shelving already, plus it's where the hot water heater is installed in some homes.

The door itself provides a great organization space. Purchase over-the-door type units that typically fit on indoor closets. You can even put up a shoe-style hanger with pockets for spray cans and other similar items. Hard wire rack styles will be the handiest, though, and you can load them up with things like wax containers, cleaning items and replacement parts for all your outdoor gear.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Give Deck Posts an Oil Treatment

Deck posts below ground will, sooner or later, begin to rot. Delay that process with a couple of inexpensive products and a little digging.

Remove perimeter dirt down to the concrete base. Fill a bucket with sand and cover with 30-weight motor oil. Mix in and fill around the posts. This will help deter decay, just as oil-based protectants are re-applied to surface woods.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Glass and Ice Don't Mix - Rainwater Gauge Warning

While the Handy Imp recognizes that freezing temperatures are well past most of us, this is a word of warning for next winter. Many folks rely on those handy-dandy rainwater gauges - they're attached outside to a deck railing or in some other convenient spot. They're inexpensive and typically don't last forever, especially the plastic types.

If you have a glass beaker, though, potential hazards exist. Leaving water in during freezing temperatures will cause the glass to expand and break. You may not realize it's broken until you try to pull it out of the holder. Then, you're dealing with dangerous shards. Be sure it's emptied after a rain and consider packing it away during the worst of winter's weather. A rainwater gauge can't collect snow, anyway.