Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Attack of the GE Refrigerator Ice Cube Drawer

The GE folks left this little incident out of the manual. You're getting ice through the widget in the door and the whole bin busts outward - forcefully enough to pop the door open. What? OK, next you pull the bin out and try to push it back in. No luck.

Here's the fix. A propeller type apparatus runs through the middle of the ice cube drawer. You can remove the entire bin or just slide it out and feel around on the back side. Careful - don't cut yourself. Turn the back of the propeller at least a quarter to a half turn and it should slide right back in. Otherwise, it simply won't go.

Now, if those ice cubes get really aggressive, the tray will jump its tracks in the process. This can create a jam on one side. That's a little trickier and takes some "gentle" force to dislodge it. Don't pull so hard that you break any of those plastic parts. Be patient, it'll come loose. Then twist that propeller and you're set.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

(Not) Good Spatula from Good Cook

One would hope that a spatula meant for cooking wouldn't melt. As you can see, this is not the case with this particular model from the folks at the Good Cook company. After the first use, a strip could be peeled off the tip, where it had melted (kinda like that rubber strip you peel off a notepad after some of the pages are removed-a compulsion for some).

Of course, why shouldn't you be able to rest the spatula on the edge of the skillet while you're cooking? Um, no - not with this (not good at all) spatula from the above-mentioned company.

I do believe this is a first - not sure who tested this one before putting it out there. Look at those melted marks along the side. I've already peeled off the tip a couple of times.