Sunday, April 08, 2007

Big, Beautiful Bloomers - Amaryllis

Amaryllis are right up there with poinsettias for the holidays. Many folks are opting for amaryllis because they're really hard to kill as opposed to those other red bloomers, that are a bit wimpy when it comes to neglect. They're also elegant and a delight to look at through January or beyond. When you're shopping for amaryllis, look for a budding one; if it's already in full bloom, you won't have as much time with it, before you must let it have a dormant period. You'll also find "Christmas" bloomers and "winter" bloomers. The latter can bud at varying times throughout the year.

They also make beautiful gifts and you can create a masterful centerpiece with a grouping. While we now know that poinsettias don't cause all that much harm when chewed on by animals and children, amaryllis are a true threat. If you're gifting, make sure the new owner's pets can withstand the appeal of a plant appetizer.

Find out how easy it is to grow these big beautiful bloomers here.