Saturday, March 17, 2007

As Luck Would Have It - Goin' for the Green

While you're out there chasing rainbows and looking for a lucky leprechaun, perhaps this is a good day to think about going' green. Environmentally, that is. Here are just a few little tips and reminders about becoming green-friendly every day. They're easy enough to do and every little bit makes a difference!

At the Computer - get rid of those fun screensavers and put your screen straight to sleep. Experts say that sleep mode can save about 10 times the energy it takes to run those aquarium fish or other cleverly designed screen saver programs.

In the Garden - choose plants that are native to your area. They'll be more tolerant of less watering, will take hold and prevent soil washout, and you won't need as many fertilizers or pesticides. While you're at it, avoid fertilizing or applying pesticides when it's raining - it flows into the water supply.

At the Store - Reuse those plastic or paper grocery bags. The plastic ones wad up nicely and are easy to transport. Ask the checker to avoid bagging larger items such as laundry detergent and coffee cans. That'll save only a bag or two, but if everyone did it - see? Remember, though, they have to bag that beer. Must protect innocent eyes from getting a glimpse of sinful vices.

Now, go ahead and down a green beer or two at the local pub. You deserve to celebrate.