Sunday, February 18, 2007

Grandfather Clocks: A Timely Heirloom

If you haven't shopped for grandfather clocks, later, maybe it's time to make a timely investment. If you're into hearing Ave Maria or the Westminster chimes, then there are some amazing beauties out there. Some are quite ornate and look there was a crash (or clash) of a 1930s boudoir and a discothèque. Others are even more moderately and even modern styled.

The nice part is that the mechanisms remain the same – if you want – but you can give the silent treatment as well. Some feature a nighttime shutoff as well as manual switches when you want to be quiet as a mouse during the daytime hours. Remember, if it features the pendulum, then it's a grandfather clock. If that hangy-downy thing is missing, then it's a mere "floor" clock. For a more detailed overview, check this out.