Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Backup Your Bookmarks

We have already discussed the evils of not backing up computer files. One morning, you wake up, power up, and poof – nothing happens. Perhaps the computer takes an electrical hit and something blows. A virus/worm/intruder-of-some-sort creates widespread mayhem on the hard drive. These are all great possibilities. Sometimes a driver goes wacko – in this case, the NVidia GeForce 5200 graphics card driver to be exact. The screen began bouncing around and then went blank (not the blue screen of death – just blank). Seems to be a lot of that going around – with this particular driver, in fact.

For the moment it is disabled (after much research) and this computer is crippling along until we upgrade the driver (try to) or get a new graphics card. As we moved to a laptop to continue business, panic set in. E-mail addresses and bookmarks were irretrievable without access to the main computer. If you visit a lot of web sites, you know how disastrous it would be to lose all the bookmarks. So, it is essential to not only back up files, but to back up bookmarks and e-mail addresses. Words of wisdom: some CD burning software will not accept bookmarks because the string is too long. If you’re still lucky enough to have a floppy drive – that seems to be the only way. I’m sure there are other – more sensible - suggestions from true geeks out there.