Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bag the Boxed Wine

Now, you can actually travel with boxed wine – and leave the box at home. For those who appreciate the “longevity” and “flavor” of boxed wine – here’s a truly handy way to have your boxed wine and bag it, too. The “Bag2Go” is a neoprene outfit – insulated and with a shoulder strap and spout. The liner is a one-time use and refills are available. Simply transfer the boxed wine into a pitcher – then fill the pouch. There you go – all ready to hit the road, or the park or the boat, or wherever you wish to consume boxed wine.

The color choices are nice, too. And, if you want to be a teetotaler, it holds that stuff (tea, Kool-Aid, etc), too. Visit for details.