Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Insure the Wedding, Not the Marriage

So, you’ve signed or not signed the prenup in the event of a divorce. You’ve sworn this one will last forever and are about to spend big bucks on a dress, invitations, and “the big day.”

Well – everything else may fall apart – either now or later. On the other hand, this can be a forever thing. But, what if – in the course of getting to the church, chapel, hotel, reception, wherever, there’s a disaster of some sort? This could be anything from the horrors of a tornado or hurricane or even an evacuation for a gas leak or something bigger.

It’s time to have a look at wedding insurance. It’s a one-time expense that only covers the event site and the costs involved. Prices are reasonable and if you’re planning a special wedding day in the midst of tornado or hurricane season, could well be worth it.

As always, read the fine print. While you may be clueless as to what the future holds, you should be clear on what exactly will be covered on “your big day.”

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Look Mom, No Screwdrivers!

While it is nice to have every piece of furniture in the home be of top quality, that is not usually the case. Somewhere there is stashed a piece of particle board covered in faux wood laminate or some such “horror.” And, likely, it arrived in a box with a package of screws and bolts along with a multi-language instruction manual.

Finally, some manufacturers are understanding that particle board and plywood do not necessarily go hand-in-hand with “some assembly required.” Yes, there is still a tiny semblance of putting together, but it’s the Lego type. Using a tongue-and-groove type of logistics, these new-fangled shelves and tables do arrive in pieces. They simply slide into their groovy places and you’re done. What a concept!